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The X-Men Collection Season 1 2 and 3

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The X-Men Collection Season 1 2 and 3

The X-MEN - Seasons 1 2 & 3 Boxset - Over 20 Hours on 9 DVDs


All the episodes from Seasons 1 2 and 3 PLUS the bonus of all the episodes from Season 4 Volume 1

X-Men Seasons 1 2 and 3





The X-Men Season 1

The X-Men Season 2




The X-Men Season 3


Children Of The ATOM, Students of CHARLES XAVIER, MUTANTS Feared and Hated By The World They Have Sworn To Protect.

These Are The Strangest Heroes of All - The Uncanny X-MEN !

The X-MEN Season 1 Volume 1-2 + Season 2 Volume 1

The X-Men Season 1The X-Men Season 1

SEASON ONE Volume 1 & 2
Episode 1 - Night of the Sentinels Part I
When a young pretty mutant named Jubilee is attacked in a shopping mall by huge search-and-destroy robots knows as sentinels, Rogue, Storm and Gambit unleash their X-Men powers to rescue her.

Episode 2 - Night of the Sentinels Part 2
In order to prevent a sinister plot to track and eliminate all mutants, the X-Men break into the mutant registration office to destroy the files. However, Beast is apprehended while trying to escape.

Episode 3 - Enter Magneto
As the X-Men struggle to expose a sinister plot to register and exterminate all mutants, they find themselves battling the most menacing mutant of all time: Magneto!

Episode 4 - Deadly Reunions
Professor Xavier joins the X-Men in a desperate fight to halt Magneto's reign of destruction. Meanwhile, Wolverine's long time rival, Sabretooth, infiltrates the X-Men's headquarters.

Episode 5 - Captive Hearts
A relaxing night on the town is shattered when Cyclops and Jean Grey are kidnapped by the Morlocks. Storm and the rest of the X-Men engage in a gruelling duel with Callisto, the Morlock's leader.

Episode 6 - Captive Hearts
Wolverine travels to Alaska to work alongside Eskimo fishermen. He finds peace among a group of Baffin Island Eskimos but discovers that the evil Sabretooth has been stalking him.

Episode 7 - Slave Island
Hearing that mutants are welcome on the island nation of Genosha, Professor Xavier sends Storm, Gambit and Jubilee there for a vacation. They discover Genosha is a slave camp where mutants are forced to construct Sentinels.

Episode 8 - The Unstoppable Juggernaut
When Xavier's mansion is destroyed and a series of spectacular robberies are committed, the X-Men suspect a giant Russian mutant named Colossus. The real culprit turns out to be Juggernaut, Xavier's evil half-brother who's out for revenge.

Episode 9 - The Cure
When a cure to correct the mutant gene is announced by a doctor at the Muir Island Mutant Research Centre, Rogue leaves the X-Men and flies to the island with the hopes of finally ridding herself of her abnormalities. But the cure turns out to be a hoax devised by the villainous Apocalypse, in order to gather all mutants and turn them into his evil servants.

Episode 10 - Come the Apocalypse
When Apocalypse unleashes his four horsemen in an effort to take over the World, Rogue is captured and imprisoned. The X-Men stage a counter attack unaware that one of the horsemen is an old friend mutated further by the evil manipulations of Apocalypse.

Episode 11 - Days of Future Past, Part I
Futuristic bounty-hunter Bishop travels back to the present day to prevent the assassination of Senator Kelly and save mutant-kind. Only one problem: he can't remember who the assassin is...

Episode 12 - Days of Future Past, Part II
Convinced Gambit is the assassin, Bishop and the X-Men trail the Cajun to D.C., but when they get there, they find one Gambit too many.

Episode 13 - The Final Decsion
When Master Mold decides Sentinels should rule the World, Gyrick, Magneto and the X-Men find themselves on the same side… or are they?

Episode 1 - Till Death do Us Part, Part I
As Jean and Cyclops attempt to tie the knot, Mister Sinister lays traps to destroy the X-Men one by one. Sinister's agent of destruction is none other than poor, tormented Morph who has his own bone to pick with the X-Men.

Episode 2 - Till Death do Us Part, Part II
Mister Sinister's efforts to destroy the X-Men appear to be working as he and Morph turn the Super Heroes against each other. Even Professor X and Magneto foolishly fall into Sinister's trap.

Episode 3 - Whatever It Takes
The Shadow King lures Storm back to her native home near Mount Kilimanjaro, by taking over the body of her young spiritual son Mjnari. Meanwhile, Wolverine appeals to the schizophrenic Morph to rejoin the X-Team.

Episode 4 - Red Dawn
After returning home, The X-Men learn that Omega Red, the ultimate living weapon, has been resurrected by three corrupt Russian generals who want to reclaim and rule the crumbling old Soviet empire. Colossus, with the help of the X-Men, fights to save his country from being overpowered by the generals' tyrannical forces.

Episode 5 - Repo Man
Impregnated with "Adamant", a legendary impenetrable stone, during a lab experiment, Wolverine boasts an indestructible skeleton. Now captured by his impregnators, Vindicator and the Canadian Alpha Flight, Wolverine must choose to join their evil team or suffer the consequences.

Episode 6 - X-Ternally Yours
For centuries, the thieves and assassins of Gambit's homeland have paid an ancient tithe to the Great External in exchange for protection and superhuman powers. But when an age-old feud incites the assassins to prevent the thieves from paying their tithe on time, the Great External condemns Gambit's brother to eternal darkness.

The X-MEN Season 2 Volume 2 + Season 3 Volume 1-2

The X-Men Season 1The X-Men Season 1

Episode 7 - Time Fugitives, Part I
Once again, Bishop, an upstart mutant from the 21st century, must travel back to the present day to help the X-Men fight a plague that threatens to consume all mutant-kind.

Episode 8 - Time Fugitives, Part II
As human-mutant relations worsen and the plague rages uncontrollably, Cable, another time traveller, takes matters into his own bionic hands to save the present of his own future world.

Episode 9 - A Rogue's Tale
When Rogue is impelled by her foster mother to revisit her past, Rogue's overpowering flashbacks drive her away from the X-Men and into the waiting arms of her foremost enemy, the evil Ms. Marvel. On a psychic plane, an avenging Ms. Marvel and Rogue engage in a gruelling battle.

Episode 10 - Beauty And The Beast
Against all odds, Dr. McCoy (Beast) falls in love with Carly, a blind patient. Carly's father, a rampant mutant-hater, is forced to alter his views when he must rely on the X-Men to save his kidnapped daughter from the wicked Friends of Humanity.

Episode 11 - Mojovision
Mojo, a mega maniacal television network programmer, uses his psychic powers to pit the X-Men against each other in his latest galaxy television hit. The bloodthirsty audience goes wild as the X-Men fight each other, ensuring the greedy showman his highest ratings ever.

Episode 12 - Reunion, Part I
A captured Xavier and Magneto are the bait as Mister Sinister lures the other X-Men to his Savage Land castle. After capturing the team, Sinister will use their genetic material to update Magneto's lowly band of "mutates" to create his own army of unstoppable mutants.

Episode 13 - Reunion, Part II
Upon touchdown in Savage Land, the X-Men lose all their mutant skills and are immediately captured by Sinister's nasty boys. As Sinister begins to DNA imprint Rogue, Wolverine and island-native Kazar must stop the procedure to save all their drained and hypnotized companions.

SEASON THREE Volume 1 & 2
Episode 1 - Out of the Past, Part I
Wolverine's former lover Yuriko returns in the form of Lady Deathstrike, seeking revenge for her father’s death. Accompanied by a group of cyborgs, she lures the X-Men into the Morlock tunnels to unlock an alien vessel.

Episode 2 - Out of the Past, Part II
An uneasy alliance is formed as the X-Men and Yuriko struggle to stop The Spirit Drinker which has been released from the prison cell and has sucked the life force from Jubilee!

Episode 3 - Phoenix Saga, Part I: Sacrifice
After having visions in his dreams, Professor Xavier sends the X-Men to the Eagle One Space Station, where they find themselves in the middle of an interstellar war, which threatens the Earth’s safety.

Episode 4 - Phoenix Saga, Part II: The Dark Shroud
The X-Men barely survive the trip back to Earth, with pilot Jean Grey rescued by the appearance of the mysterious Phoenix. While recovering, the X-Men are alarmed to see a dark side of Xavier as he attacks them!

Episode 5 - The Phoenix Saga Part Three, Cry Of The Banshee
The X-Men head off to Muir Island to rescue Princess Lilandra who has been kidnapped by Juggernaut and Black Tom Cassidy, unsure if she even exists or is a figment of Professor Xavier’s imagination.

Episode 6 - The Phoenix Saga Part Four, Starjammers
Phoenix transports the X-Men to Lilandra’s ship where they battle to protect the M’kraan Crystal from D’ken and save the universe. Cyclops is kidnapped by the space pirates who are after the same crystal.

Episode 7 - The Phoenix Saga Part Five, Child of Light
The universe is at risk of imploding with the crystal now in D’ken’s possession. Briefly helped by Spider-Man, the X-Men struggle to save people from disasters and the fate of the universe lies with Jean Grey.

Episode 8 - No Mutant is an Island
Still grieving the loss of his beloved Jean Grey, Cyclops quits the X-Men to return to the orphanage he grew up in. Things are not what they seem: mutant children are being trained as human killers and could Jean Grey still be alive?

Episode 9 - Obsession
Itinerant X-Man Archangel is desperate for revenge against his saviour Apocalypse and enlists the help of Beast in his murderous quest, but the X-Men’s cunning plan to stop Apocalypse is unravelled by Archangel’s recklessness.

Episode 10 - Longshot
The manipulative media tyrant Mojo lures his rebel slave Longshot and the X-Men into a deadly TV contest. Jubilee is the unfortunate prize and the live broadcast ensures top ratings for the greedy showman.

Episode 11 - Cold Comfort
Former X-Man Bobby ‘Iceman’ Drake returns and clashes with Xavier after breaking into a government compound. His explanation for turning evil results in a confrontation between the X-Men and another mutant team, the X-Factor.

Episode 12 - Savage Land, Strange Heart, Part I
Storm is kidnapped by half-human, half-pterodactyl, Sauron, and taken back to the Savage Land, where she is drained of her mutant energies. The X-Men arrive to fight off dinosaurs, Sauron, the godlike Garokk and . . . Storm!

Episode 13 - Savage Land, Strange Heart, Part II
The X-Men and the island natives battle to prevent volcanic destruction as Storm unleashes her elemental powers on the Savage Land and Garokk is rejuvenated by the surging planetary force.

The X-MEN Season 3 Volume 3-4 + BONUS Season 4 Volume 1

The X-Men Season 3The X-Men Season 3

SEASON THREE Volume 3 & 4
Episode 14 - The Dark Phoenix, Part I: Dazzled
Jean Grey’s body is still infused with the Phoenix and, as a mutant singer, Dazzler, flirts with Cyclops, Jean is tricked into joining the Inner Circle, leaving the X-Men to prevent abuse of the Phoenix Force.

Episode 15 - The Dark Phoenix, Part II: The Inner Circle
With Jean Grey as their new Black Queen, the Inner Circle plan to dispose of the X-Men. A war of psychic attrition develops between the X-Men, the Inner Circle and Phoenix, with Jean caught in the middle.

Episode 16 - The Dark Phoenix, Part III: The Dark Phoenix
Struggling to free Jean’s body from Phoenix, the X-Men are confronted by the hostility of the Dark Phoenix, who destroys an entire star system. Shi’ar ruler Lilandra orders the death of Phoenix/Jean Grey. Can the X-Men stop the Dark Phoenix without harming Jean?

Episode 17 - The Dark Phoenix, Part IV: The Fate of the Phoenix
After a battle with the Shi’ar Imperial Guard to save Jean Grey, Professor Xavier astonishes the X-Men by commanding a strike on Phoenix, threatening Jean’s mortal safety.

Episode 18 - Orphan’s End
Corsair, leader of the space pirates Starjammers and father of Cyclops, arrives on Earth on the run from the Shi’ar. Can Cyclops help prove the innocence of a man who abandoned him as a child?

Episode 19 - The Juggernaut Returns
The X-Men come to the rescue of Professor Xavier’s step-brother and arch-enemy, the unstoppable Juggernaut, after his powers acquired from an ancient ruby are stolen.

Episode 20 - A Deal with the Devil
Soviet super-soldier Omega Red enlists the help of sworn enemies Wolverine and Storm to salvage a toxic nuclear submarine. His deadly intentions are revealed in the darkest depths of the oceans.

Episode 21 - Sanctuary, Part I
To feed his hatred of humankind, the powerful and dangerous mutant Magneto creates an orbiting base for mutants, Asteroid M, which results in the X-Men becoming entangled in a plot to assassinate Magneto.

Episode 22 - Sanctuary, Part II
With Magneto out of the way, upstart Fabien Cortez takes control of Asteroid M and launches a nuclear attack on Earth. It’s down to the X-Men to stop Cortez and prevent a world wipe-out.

Episode 23 - Xavier Remembers
After suffering concussion, Professor Xavier’s mind is possessed by the malevolent spirit Shadow King and it’s proving a real headache for the X-Men to bring him back from the Astral Plane.

Episode 24 - Courage
Shape shifter Morph returns home to re-join the X-Men but the welcome party is disrupted by Master Mold and the terrifying Sentinels, a powerful army of mutant-hunting robots, who nearly killed Morph on their last encounter.

Episode 25 - Secrets, Not Long Buried
As Cyclops heads to a desert town to visit an old friend, his plane crashes. As a result, he loses his mutant powers and is hunted down by a gold-digging anti-human mutant group, led by the maniacal Solarr.

Episode 1 - Nightcrawler
Whilst on vacation, Wolverine hears of a demon hiding at a monastery and terrorizing the residents. The investigation leads the X-Men to the devilish mutant Nightcrawler, who tests everyone’s faith to the limit.

Episode 2 - One Man's Worth, Part I
Mutant police Bishop and Shard travel back in time to a fierce battle between humans and Magneto’s evil mutants. Can Wolverine and Storm help them save a Professor Xavier of the past and preserve the future of mutant-human relations?

Episode 3 - One Man's Worth, Part II
Unable to stop Xavier being killed before he founded the X-Men, the four mutants have one more chance to save him, but face an untested time machine and a future ruled by the powerful Sentinel, Master Mold.

Episode 4 - Proteus, Part I
Proteus escapes from the Mutant Research Centre to track down his father, who abandoned him as a child. The X-Men have to stop the telepathic teenager’s warped outlook and the ensuing trail of destruction.

Episode 5 - Proteus, Part II
Family values are brought into question as Proteus storms his father’s political campaign and creates further havoc, whilst Professor Xavier tries to bring together a deadbeat dad and slighted son.

Episode 6 - Family Ties
When twin mutants, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, are captured by a psychotic biologist, the X-Men get caught up in a family feud against the twins’ father, Magneto, and an experimental plot.

Episode 7 - Bloodlines
The bloodlines become blurred when Nightcrawler receives threats against his birth mother, whom he never knew. He calls on the X-Men, who encounter his disturbed brother...


Suitable for all ages - Parental Guidance (Some scenes may be unsuitable for young children)

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